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Automating DCRUM Alerts

Hello all,

My custom is migrating from another RUM tool into DCRUM, and they have over 700 alerts that will need to be created in DCRUM. Is there a way to automate alert creation? The RESTful API does not currently offer this functionality.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


José Miguel Colella


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jose

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to automate this. The only possible option i can think of is that our alerts are stored in an xml file so perhaps you could write a parser to convert theirs. This would be difficult though as we may not alert in the same way.

What i would also say is that 700 unique alerts seems like an unmanageable amount. I I would start with a review of the current alerts to understand what they do. To me 700 is an unmanageable quantity. Look for ways these can be cut down to achieve the same result.

Additionally, huge amounts of alert definations could slow down your CAS processing.



Hey @Alasdair P.,

Thanks for your response. I do agree that this is a large amount of alerts, wherein the best solution is to sit down and understand what type of alerting they really need. What is the location of the xml file for alerting?

They are stored in the cas config folder