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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Automating Site Import CSV


Hello all,

When doing site import via a csv file, more often than not, I find myself spending time trying to clean up the data from the customer's excel, or having to translate network to ranges to have it in the appropriate format. This week, I decided to automate the task creating a little commandline program in python. Given an excel or csv file as input, it will generate a standardised csv document that you can import into your CAS.

An example of executing the commandline is as follows:

python -i subnets_16032017.xlsx -o file4.csv -t True -m '{"Id": "", "Domains": "Network", "Name": "Description", "Site Type": "Manual", "Region": "Madrid", "Area": "Site", "Comment": "Location", "UDL": "false", "WAN": "false", "Link Speed In": "", "Link Speed Out": ""}' 

Basically you just need to provide an input file with -i or --input, an output file with -o or --output, a mapping JSON, which is a way to tell the program which columns in the sites csv are to be mapped to the input file's columns. In the example, the column "Id" would be filled with blanks, the Domains columns with the input file's Network column.

The result csv will only contain the following columns:

-"Id", "Name", "Site Type", "Region", "Area", "UDL", "WAN", "Link Speed In", "Link Speed Out", "Comment", "Domains"

The script is in python and uses the pandas library to efficiently manage large datasets. In my case, my customer had used network masks and I added an option that will output the range for the csv saving you time. I have attached the script and a xlsx so that other can test it out. If anyone has any enhancements or wants to contribute you can find the code in the following link.

Removing duplicates and finding overlapping networks in the output csv is on my roadmap.


Hope this is useful.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions,

José Miguel Colella



Nice one Jose!! 🙂