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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Bulk import of SAP Transactions

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

We have a list of ~900 custom transactions and transaction IDs. Is there a way to bulk import these, as adding them one by one would take some time?

Initially we were looking at modifying the YAML file, but there is a UID that, if replicated unintentionally, could result in overwriting existing transactions.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

@Mike H.

This is what I was asking you about.


Hi Chris+Dean

Yes - there certainly is. But you should know what you are doing since you run the risk of loosing the hierarchy or the relation to the right SAP module. Have you read up on the export from Solman?

It's also crucial tohave the right "language" when talking to the SAP people and keep you tongue in Place as they use the same Words like "transaction" but mean other things than what we norammly do.

Print out the picture here and use it when talking to people who want to create reports from the CAS:

and take notice of:

The SAP reporting hierarchy is imported from a configuration file that is generated on SAP Solution Manager. Use this file to couple the DC RUM reporting hierarchy tightly with the SAP application business hierarchy.

When done - keep coming back and checking so that "All Other" doesn't go bananas. That would point to something not matching when allmost everything should match. (tip - run it in a sandbox/VM and check with the customer so it meets their expectation before going live)

I thought all of this was described online but I can't find the link anymore ( @Paweł S.)

Hi Ulf, we have been provided with the extract from Solman, that gives the ID (T-code) and description for all Z and Y transactions that they're using.

I just read through both links, they were helpful in understanding SAP and the terminology used, thanks for that. There doesn't appear to be any details on the import process in them though, unless I misread?

Thanks again.


Hmm - can't find that piece in 12.4

But here it is for 12.3

Please pay particular attentio to the hierarchy so you get that right (I didn't on my first attempt 😛 )

That's what I meant with the sandbox approach. You can change it afterwards, but what was recorded against a hierarchy will always be reported so, even if you change the hierarchy afterwards.

Thanks for that link. Looks like it should all align properly, but we'll have a look to make sure it is still the same in 12.4 and the same instructions can be used. I'll put update here after that.

Also, thanks for the heads up on how the hierarchy updates, and even after changing there can still be records reported. We'll be sure to be careful.

Looks like that doc still applies. Thanks again for all your help, Ulf.