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Business Units Label expression with multiple operation tags

Hello everyone,

In the business units definition, I want to be able to express that a particular step has the traffic that pertains to a specific url, for example:*, as well as */itxrest/*. Is it possible to do using the expression type as shown below? Or is the only way to do this by adding the same software service with the other operation?


José Miguel Colella


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Would love to know how to add multiple expressions in business units.

As a workaround, I would add two regular expression URL's in the software service under Software Service--> Give them a page name

Then define them as a Task in Business Units. However please note that you will need to add the software service twice; one for each task.

Hope this helps,


Hello @Harshal P.,

I found that this is probably the best way as using the same key for expressions does not work. I found, though, that with different key (example: task, operation) it does work.

It acts as a filter with each expression, so you can express things like for this task, show me operations that contain a certain pattern