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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business hours and execution of scripts


Hi guys,

I couldnt find a quick answer, so let me ask:

When I understood correctly, emails are not sent out when an alert is triggered outside of configured business hours, right? What about scripts I configured as part of that alert, which should be executed. Are scripts also not executed outside of business hours?

Best regards,


Hi Dennis,

When you have 'Generate alerts (performance) during business hours only' option checked then alerts are not even triggered outside of business hours. It means that any kind of notification is also not send including emails, snmp traps and scripts.

Hi Robert,

thanks for the quick answer. I must have overseen the option you mentioned. Sorry :S So that means if the option is not ticked, emails are actually sent as well outside of business hours. Nevertheless this setting is affecting everything (email, scripts, snmp etc.) generally.



Ok I reviewed this setting, which is at the business hour configuration level. However, could I have different settings per alert actually?

It's not possible. The option works globally for all alerts.

Alright, thank you!

Hi Dennis,

don't know if it could be helpful to you. But there's a way to filter emails notifications for the alerts. Note that it's not officially supported by Dynatrace (but it works..)

Check it out here:

Hope it helps,