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CAS 12.2.3 Install Problem


I'm replacing my current CAS server so I'm doing a fresh 12.2.3 install.  I want to run CSS on the my CAS server.  When I reach the point of the CAS install when I supply the Host Name and Port of the CSS I receive the following error; "Incorrect Security and Reporting Settings.  Compuware Security Server version 12.2 or newer is required".  

Since I'm running the CAS122_SP3_setupAMD64.exe why am I getting this error.





I'm replacing my current CAS & CSS server so I'm doing a fresh 12.2.3 install.  The CSS & CAS servers point to a separate database server that I will NOT be replacing.  I figured out that I needed to install CSS prior to doing the CAS install.  I have already completed the CSS install and now I'm in the process of the CAS install when I came to this screen. I'm not sure what I should enter for the database user and which option I should select for database option.  



Hi Bob,

I would just like to clarify that you're creating a new database to use with the CAS or upgrading the current one? The title bar at the top of the screen says "Existing Database".

A fresh install would mean a "blank" server without (traces of) an old CAS installation.

In that process you would normally use a NEW database name. Fresh (smile)
Unless you are really stuck to an existing one (and are not in the position to create DBs yourself), then you would go for a Recreate (or Reset).

The above image, as April stated, appears to be pointing to an old CAS database. Very old, VAS 11.x even (smile) Which looks like an "upgrade".
I would go for a new DB name. Unless there is a real need to "recycle". Then I would rename the database to "CAS" and go for Recreate.