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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

CAS Alert on received packets were dropped



We have gotten 2 alert regarding "received packets were dropped", one happened at 12:45pm & another at 3.30pm. During working hours, we have no activity on dcrum servers.

- What is the possible cause of packets dropped?

- Do we need to adjust "Received dropped packets threshold"?

Timestamp: Tue Jun 28 12:45:00 SGT 2016 On AMD server_ip_addr

26019 of 18485356 received packets were dropped (rate is
0.141%), 0 of 17743 transferred packets were dropped (rate is 0%).

Interface eth9 from AMD

19324 of 11622735 received packets were dropped (rate is
0.166%), 0 of 0 transferred packets were dropped (rate is 0%).

Kind regards, Yee Heng



Hi @Yee Heng Lua,

It's hard to answer the first question just with the provided information. What's the configuration of the Received dropped packets threshold? It seems pretty low at a first sight.

Ciao, Raff

Hi @Raffaele Talarico,

Anyway to find out the cause of packets dropped, what info is needed?

Should be default value, I saw it on document that Received dropped packets threshold is 10000. Where to change this value? Can this value be a percentage instead of number?

Thanks & Kind regards, Yee Heng

Hi @Yee Heng Lua,

what DCRUM version are you running on?


Hi @Raffaele Talarico,

Now still at 12.2.2.

Upgrade to 12.4 planned on 17th or 24th next month after we postpone it.

Regards, Yee Heng