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CAS Integration with analysis tool using Restful API


Hi all,,

I am working on integrating the CAS (Data) with other tool to do the analysis data thru restful API.

Here is the script am using :


"appId": "CVENT",

"viewId": "Trans",

"dataSourceId": "ALL_AGGR",

"dimensionIds": [

"bgAppl" ,




"metricIds": [








"metricFilters": [],

"sort": [],

"top": 1000,

"resolution": "r",

"timePeriod": "Today",

"numberOfPeriods": 0,

"timeBegin": 1457481600,

"timeEnd": 1457568000


Here is the result am getting:

"{"columnHeader":["bgAppl","transTimestamp","bgTrans","appPerf","Avb","transTime","svrDelay","netDelay","avgIdTime"],"formattedData":[],"rawData":[],"timeBegin":1456963200,"timeEnd":1457006400,"dmiServiceError":[{"error":false,"info":false,"warning":false}],"timeout":false,"timeoutValue":600000,"columnUnit":["","","","%","%","ms","ms","ms","ms"],"columnHeaderName":["Application","Transaction timestamp","Transaction","Application performance","Availability (total)","Transaction time","Server time","Network time","Client time"]}"

i am not getting any data in the raw data and format data..

Please let me know where am doing the mistake..


I've moved this question to the DC RUM Open Q&A forum, Indira.


It seems you need to adjust the timestamps, the ones you are using convert to Sat Jan 17 21:51:21 CET 1970 and Sat Jan 17 21:52:48 CET 1970.

we are using Unix timestamp Anna

Please note that unless absolutely necessary for your use case, starting from DC RUM version 12.4, you should rather use the new method of integrating with external services where data is generated for external consumption at every monitoring interval. We have described and exemplified it at Splunk plugin for DC RUM.

We are trying to integrate with emite tool, do we have any plugin like Splunk.