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Hi All,

I'm using CAS 12.4.10, I received database alert every 5 minutes in recent days:

"Inoperability detected for reporting server module: Database Info, sub-module: Space deficiency.
Inoperability cause: For alarm observation [Thu Oct 12 08:00:00 CST 2017] database space deficiency has been reported"

I checked the Drive 😧 has 697 GB free of 1.70 TB while CAS database size is 627 GB (auto-growth enabled). Is there a way to configure the alert threshold? The database size of 627 GB already last for a year, no such alert until last week.

I understand tuning the storage period will help but I'd like to know why it pops up such alert, is it due to harddisk drive space or SQLDB disk free %?

Any ideas are welcome.




This alert is known to have a certain limitation. Free space calculation is not always accurate in case when the db is located on a network share mapped as a folder.

My advice it to either turn off this alert or create a support ticket to analyze the case in details.

Thanks Robert. However this alert is pre-defined and includes other type of CAS alert, seems can't filter out database alert.

There is an alert DATABASE_SIZE which observes the db free space. Disable this alert and it should do it.

Thanks Robert.

Finally I trimmed down the storage period and free up some DB spaces.