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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

CAS User Options - Aggregation



I'm looking at some of my reports and wondering how accurate they are with the current aggregation settings set to 'PV'. I understand that this heavily aggregated, so what does it mean when it is showing me specific client IP addresses? I fear that the IP addresses shown are not the exact address but the last one of many during that interval.

Also, if I was to go to FE mode, what considerations should I make around data retention, capacity, etc.?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Matt

If you are running in PV mode then looking at individual Client IP addresses is basically meaningless.

The Way the DB works is by storing IP addresses so it needs to put something in there.When the CAS process a data file (every 5 mins by default) and it is in PV mode, it aggregates all the users to their client site and then stores a single IP address for each site. I can't remember exactly but it is either the busiest IP in that period or the first that gets stored in the DB (i think it is the busiest).

What this means is that if you poll data by IP address in this mode you will see all data for that site in a period assigned to that IP address.

The same principal applies to all the modes if the user is to be aggregated.

To be safe what I always do is add username. If the username says "Client from ..." then i don't use the IP address.

Hope this helps




That's brilliant Al!

I like your verification step as well. I will try adding username to the reports and I'm sure it will have the 'client from...' you speak of.

Any comment on changing the mode from PV to FE?

My two concerns are that my raw session count will go throw the roof and that by changing it, I will lose all historical data.

Changing aggregation modes usually requires a database purge (loss of history). You can opt not to, but that WILL result in some weirdness in reporting, it's very much recommended to allow the purge if you're changing aggregation settings.

As for raw session count, the 6M alert threshold the CAS shows is a guideline, if you have better hardware and database performance (and storage space) than what is recommended the CAS can happily process more.