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CAS User activity details on demand


When enabling "User activity details on demand" what is the space requirement per quota day of user details?

How many days should be kept as it relates to retention period? I assume as some point when the data is aggregated you will no longer be able to drill down to user details.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Details on demand get stored on the disk - not in the database. Space requirements will vary depending on how much data is being analyzed. I usually start with 10 days of data and see how much space it will use. By default it is stored in the "trafficdata" directory in the CAS installation directory, unless you change it. Check the setting on the screen for the specific location. It does not get aggregated, the old data just goes away - as this is a circular buffer sort of storage.

There should be a calculable size based on the max size of each column in the DB that would now be going in the file.

Maybe a query of a certain time frame of the same data currently in the DB?