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CAS date format

I was asked recently how to change the CAS date format. Their CAS was displaying the date in the US format of MM/DD/YY and they wanted the European format DD/MM/YY

So i thought i would share the answer in case it helped anyone else.

This is detected from your browser setting so if you want to change it you need to change your browser settings. 

In Firefox go to Options>Content >languages

You will need to close and reopen your browser for this to take effect


In chrome this can be changed by going to Settings > Languages and Input settings.







Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Spot on, I had this with a customer today he was very pleased!


This problem started way back in the EcoChannel/VantageView days and then there was a decsion somewhere to store the time in UTC and then format it after your local settings.

Hence, contrary to what many believe, the setting on the server doesn't matter.

Well written Al!


Hi, what about reports that have a scheduled export?

We have a report that gets dumped into a csv file every day. I noticed the sometimes the date format changes while the report as such was not changed.