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CAS disk housekeeping



When CAS disk running low, how dose housekeeping works?

I found my CAS stop processing data due to disk space shortage.

So I delete traffic data directly to free some space, is this operation appropriate?

I wonder can I set reserve space for CAS to prevent this situation happen again.


Hi Carlos,

What version of CAS do you have? The functionality has changed over time.

Besides 'traffic details' data, CAS need some space for DPN samples, sites configuration history, business units configuration history, log files and in case of a cluster - downloaded sample files on the front node.

There also should be an alert raised when free space is running low.

Basically, CAS has 3 types of free space events - normal, low, critically low. When free space is running low CAS should respond by removing some files and reducing its buffers, limits etc.

Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for replying.

CAS version is 12.4.12

And yes, I'd love to know how to config free space events on CAS.

Sorry, I've described how it works in version 2017 where a lot of effort has been put to overcome low free disk space issues.

The functionality is limited in 12.4 line.

There is a daily task that removes "on demand" data.

Also after each interval, CAS tries to determine how much space will be needed for OD data and if there is not enough, it removes some old OD files.

The question was about CAS, not ADS.


Thank you Barbar,

It's also good to know if CAS and ADS share the same server.