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CAS reporting wrong IP in SNMP traps and Server IP field in alerts

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi team,

My CAS is using its backup IP address (starting with 172.) in alerts when using urlHostBase field (Reporting Server address) and also in SNMP trap.

This is confusing as that IP is never active - I would like to edit the appropriate configuration file to force the use of the current IP in use (starting with 10.188).

Do you know which config file contains that information and how to force the use of the real IP?

Thank you




Hello Nic,

I already had a similar problem in the past, and the issue was related to my network configuration. Check the priority of your routes.

In my case, the default route was pointing to the gateway of the backup IP address. If that is your case, you can remove the gateway of your backup interface, or set the priority to the default gateway of your active interface.

The command "route PRINT" might help you to identify this.

The only thing that I don't remember very well is if I needed to restart the CAS after fix my default route or not.

Hope that helps,


Hi Avner, thanks a lot for your suggestion.

I am not familiar with the routing tables, but looking at the below, I see the default gateway is the active one. What do you think?

Hi Nicolas,

Seems to be correct, however, can you do a test just to check if this is really the problem?

Try to remove the Gateway from the backup interface (or disable it). Then, restart your active network interface to check if the behaviour will change. I don't think you will need to restart the CAS, but again, I don't remember very well if I did restart or not.

NOTE: To do this test in the network configuration, make sure before that you have access to the local machine (physically or via remote console), because play with routes can be tricky sometimes and you can lose the access remotely, then you will need to restore to the old config locally.



Thank you, I will contact a system engineer to study that further before taking actions.