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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

CAS stopped working after getting added to RUM Console


After adding CAS under RUM Console it turn red and stopped working. Even the services restart/server reboot isn't helping.

Received the following error in logs.

T DB16-06-22 16:27:01.906Server received 10 connections to database. Driver name: Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 database driver
T DB16-06-22 16:27:01.922Table DeltaInfo not found.
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Pool DEFAULT_POOL created with 500 threads
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Watchdog status is changed from OK to STOP_WRONG_VERSION
T FARM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Hazelcast is being terminated.
T FARM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Hazelcast has been terminated.
E ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Application exit called. Reason: Server cannot be started. Incorrect database version. Run again with -M option.
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Pool DMI created with 2,000 threads
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Stopping server requested by user
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Attempt to stop Server
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Last update of watchdog file was 16-06-22 16:27:01.922 i.e. 0 minutes ago
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922Jobs are stopping.
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.922All jobs stopped
T DB16-06-22 16:27:01.922Maintenance shutdown
T ADM16-06-22 16:27:01.969Finished shutdown of SchedulerThread

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Stop the CAS service and Watchdog service, open cmd.exe navigate to C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\CAS\server and run the following command:

runServer.bat -M

when done close cmd.exe and start Watchdog and CAs services.

I did the activity but again the same status, the service starts and then stops by itself

What does the server.log say now?

==End of stack trace of all threads (Watchdog status changed to: RESTART_NO_CONNECTION_CSS)==

T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.037 Jobs are stopping.
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.037 All jobs stopped
T DB 16-06-22 18:43:57.037 Maintenance shutdown
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Finished shutdown of SchedulerThread
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Start shutdown of thread manager and thread pools
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Shutdown of thread pool "DEFAULT_POOL" has been finished
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Shutdown of thread pool "DMI" has been finished
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Thread manager monitor has finished
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.067 Finished shutdown of thread manager and thread pools
T DB 16-06-22 18:43:57.071 DB driver shutdown
T ADM 16-06-22 18:43:57.071 Server stopped

Issue is resolved now, the DB Schema was corrupted and reinstalling CSS resolved it. Thanks

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Fixed by reinstalling CSS and creating new database as DB schema was corrupted during previous installation.