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CBA can't startup within vAMD installed on ESXi 5.0

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Dear All

My client had the AMD installed on the virtual machine built on ESXi 5.0. When trying to do traffic quality verification, the CBA agent couldn't communicate with CBA as indicated by the error message, from the CBA log, it didn't start up due to error "Waiting for RTM to connect to SHM driver".

Any comment is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Is it the only one virtual AMD? The rest is physical?

Could you please deliver /usr/adlex/log/cba.log and /usr/adlex/log/cba.log files?


Hi Adam,

I got an error too when I tried to verify traffic quality that said "CBA-agent cannot communicate with CBA". I install all in ESXi 5.1.

Any idea with this?

Thank you.

Same request: deliver /usr/adlex/log/cba.log and /usr/adlex/log/cba-agent.log files ...

... and I gues that cba.log is empty?

Looks like CBA process is not working, could you run the follosing on-line comma d on the AMD:

pgrep -l cba > /var/tmp/cba_state.txt ; ndstat >> /var/tmp/cba_state.txt ; ls -l /usr/adlex/cba/bin/cba* >> /var/tmp/cba_state.txt

and attach geenrated /var/tmp/cba_state.txt file?


Here the result of executed command

Indeed, CBA process is not running.

Please execute:

service cba start ; service cba-agent start

and let us know what will happen.

I have executed that command and the CBA process is running.

But still can't record the traffic, because no guided configuration there. When I tried to enable the guided configuration of AMD, the result was cannot established guided configuration. Any idea about that?

OK, so if the services are running now, please provide cba.log and cba-agent.log.


Here're the log files.

That is CBA proces that is receiving restarts with core files generated.

Please open support ticket with AMD support pack + latest /usr/adlex/cba/bin/core.XXX file.

Thanks Adam for your responses.

I think I can't open support ticket since it's for my own development not in our customer.

No worries, just log a ticket using your Community login ...