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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

CIFS Traffic overhead on the AMD - I am seeing significant packets dropped due to driver performance. The traffic is just CIFS and the traffic rate is less than 1G/s



Hi Sean

What driver are you using?

What is the source of the packets (SPAN/TAP)?

Hmm - I think your pictures explains a few things. Your input traffic is based on SPAN (assumption on my behalf) and contains a lot of overhead traffic that the AMD has to process. This is the quality that it complains about.

Effectively you cn kill an AMD with garbage traffic since it first needs to filter out all unwanted traffic before it can get to the "interesting" parts. If you have very poor traffic, all power will be used to clean the traffic and then no (or little) capacity is left to process the traffic you want.

But still - what driver are you using and is this a physical or virtual machine?

they are using the custom drivers and these AMDs are on Hp dl 380 g7 servers with 64gbs

Custom drivers and the AMDs are fed by an Arista packet broker


OK - I'm still in doubt about the quality of the network traffic which takes it's toll on the AMD.

  1. You have a high CPU load number (70%) while you have low network utilisation.
  2. The diagnosis says more than half of the packets are duplicates (54,42%). This should be handled by the packet broker, not the AMD.
  3.  There is 30% unidirectional traffic.

If you get the packet broker to hadnle this, you will free up resources to (hopefully) process the valid packets to get to the data you want.
I'm not clear why you have the missing sessions.

What version are you on?