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Can AMD be installed onto a virtual machine? Small AMD Platform Characteristics


In AMD hardware requirements, it seems AMD can be installed onto a virtual machine.

Can we port span from a physical network port to a virtual network interface (vNic?) on a virtual machine?


Small AMD Platform Characteristics

Since release 12.2, the DC RUM AMD was tested for performance on "small" hardware options, starting with two-core 4 GB RAM virtual machine specifications. Published capacity values and necessary functional AMD limitations can help you properly size AMDs for virtual-only deployments and for planning the migration of the existing Network Vantage deployments to DC RUM.

For reference, the smallest tested AMD setup (two-core 4 GB RAM virtual machine) achieved approximately 10 percent throughput of regular AMD hardware (16-core 64 GB RAM with custom NIC drivers).



Are there any documents to install and run AMD on a virtual machine?

Have a look at

In principle, the installation itself is the same, it's just important to setup your virtual machine right.


You can do this. The challenge is usually how to make the installer use the kickstart file. There are several posts here in the Forums that cover various approaches.

Search for "kickstart" and you will see what I mean.

But as you guessed, the real challenge is to get the network traffic right, and since I don't know your network, I can't tell you what you need to do. 🙂


Hi Ulf,

Thanks for your answer 🙂

Yes, using the kickstart file is just like a AMD install on a physical server. I imagine it's similar on a Virtual Server.

Curious to know if we port span from a physical network port to a virtual network interface (vNic?) on a virtual machine?


Regarding SPAN - you can do both.

What dicatates is your need on how to "see" the data. You might only need to see the user related data so then you SPAN both the exit ports from the enclosure. But if you want more value and want to see the whole ADC you will probalby need to pick a few virtual ports or VLANs.

The Kickstart is tough to get to bite sometimes, but I don't deal with them Daily - more on a once-a-year schedule 🙂 and every now and then it just don't want to run. But as I said, search the Forum here and you will see the "gotchas".

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I've several customers successfully using virtual AMDs. As long as you understand the limitations they can work well.

The primary limitations are, network throughput is severely limited, you won't be monitoring a whole data center with a virtual AMD (in my experience, you'll be limited to a couple hundred Mbps of throughput). And a virtual AMD, + the overhead the virtual switch adds by spanning the traffic can affect other guests on the host. You need to carefully ensure the AMD and the switch overhead doesn't cause you performance problems you're trying to monitor.


Thanks Ulf. I just spun up a VM in VMWare, and bumping into the kickstart file gotcha now.

Trying to get it to bite onto the amdrhel6.cfg file.