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Can I change the duration header detail is stored?


We are working on a major performance issue for a key app
and need header detail to help solve the issue.
Is there a setting I can change to keep the data around longer (seems to
be around 4 hrs now). I understand this may be a memory hog, so it is something I will change back.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Headerdata files that store it are produced on the AMD and kept there for by default 8 days. Then base on ADS configuration can be processed or stored only on the AMD. ADS' storage is also configurable in days. All these changes are global for all header details.

You can enable header details globally, per Software Service, per monitored operation or eve per particular monitored operation parameter.

In other words we can change only globally how long headerdata files are kept on AMD/ADS but per monitored "object".

What are your setting on http://ADS-server/CfgSettings ?


I have header details turned on for the software service in question. My issue is the header files only seem to stay around for 4 hrs and that is not enough time to react to an issue. Can I increase this to 8 hrs, I don't care if this is a global change.