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Can I edit the Speed Dial Dashboard report in 12.4.5


I like the new DMI interface in 12.4., however I would like to add two key reports to the Speed Dial Dashboard. These are reports everyone uses, and I would like to avoid having everyone add them to their Favorites. I understand that after an upgrade I would have to edit the report again. I can not seem to find the report in the Manage reports list.



Hi Bob,

that's a good question. As far as I know that's not currently possible. But the most indicated person to answer and confirm this is @Sebastian Kruk.

Ciao, Raff



As a workaround, you can select your favorite reports and set favorites tab as your home page. Hope this works for you.

Tomasz Szulist

That is not a viable workaround for the number of users I support. I have over 100 users, and they all use two specific interprise reports that they rely on. Most of these users do not access the 100+ other reports that in the library. I would like to put these two reports on the Speed Dial Portal to make it easier for them to locate locate these reports, without have to teach all of them how to add these reports to their favorite tab.


In this case, I suggest that you edit config/featured_reports.conf file. Make sure to make safe copy of original file first. Note this is undocumented and unsupported feature and the file may be overwritten during upgrade. Besides this may not work in the future.

Thank you Tomasz, and I understand about the upgrade. I made the change about 30 minutes ago and the new reports still have not shown up on the Speed Dial Dashboard. Is a CAS restart need to get the config file to be read again?

Yes, server restart is necessary.