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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can I monior two external servers outside of the Data Center when the AMD is in the Data Center.


Hello everyone,

Very rookie question here, We only have 1 AMD and it is local in our Data
Center. I am being asked to monitor a couple of external servers that is at a
different location on the other side of the firewall. Where an External
Web Server communicates with an External SFTP server. We can open up the
Firewall for these servers and SPAN the traffic to the internal AMD.
Would doing this give us metrics that would be useful, or would the fact that
both servers are external, the AMD would give us incorrect metrics?

Also, when I create a SS for each server, will I be able to still see accurate metrics between the two servers?

Thank you for your help,





For most metrics you will still receive more or less accurate values. There will be no differences for traffic volume metrics. Operation times should also be quite accurate, with the exception of RTT, which depending on the point where the data will be spanned from will or will not be accurate. Since the AMD will see the traffic with a delay, operation begin and end time on ADS will be skewed by this delay.

Depending on the spanned traffic quality, the AMD may also suffer from packet loss (i.e. packets seen by both client and server, but lost on their way to the AMD).