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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can no longer create new alarm with custom ID.

Having now got a shiny new v12.2 installation of DCRUM, I've noticed that in moving the alarm definitions screen out of the CAS and into the RUM Console, we've lost the ability to create alarms with bespoke IDs

They all now get given rather tedious generic names like METRIC_ALARM_00001 with no way to change them to a more suitable name for sending onto our event management solution.


All pre v12 alarms on our systems are created using a bespoke well-defined pattern for the alert id as this is used by the event management system to determine how to handle each type of alarm from DCRUM.

Can this be corrected please as we need to have the ability to create new alarms with a bespoke alarm id.






Hi Gary

I'm happy you have the new and shiny 12.2 with improved performance and much richer reports and dashboards.

Not so happy that you have problems with the Alarms. I'd suggest you open a ticket as I think there is a way to do this, albeit not straight forward.


Case raised, but I'm expecting the usual support response of  'By Design' followed by 'you could manually edit the alarms.xml file'



OK  - but that is implying that there is someone that had a plan of some kind (wink)

You can always request an enhancement request or go on a fishing tour for vote of this entry (green thumb at the top)