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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can't middle or right click on drilldown links in 12.4

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

In DCRUM 12.2, you could middle or right-click on a link in the drilldown menu from a dimension or metric in a DMI report. Normally, I middle-click to open multiple tabs to the drilldown reports, for example, when I'm comparing multiple applications as part of a triage for my customer.

In 12.4, you can only left-click on a link from what I can tell. Not only does this break my pattern of middle-clicking on links, but I also can't right-click either to manually open in a new tab or window. If I try to right click on the link, the menu disappears and it's as if I right-clicked on the main page.

I've tried this on both Firefox and Chrome and it produces the same results. Is it possible to restore the default browser functionality for these links?


Actually you see two changes compared to 12.2.

In 12.3 we have fixed how links are generated so that complete information is passed in the link. The problem with all links being rendered only as regular HTTP GET meant that either the URL was becoming too long to handle by some browsers or some filter information was not passed or incorrectly passed by other. In many cases proper solution requires to generate a HTTP POST call, instead of HTTP GET which you normally have on a regular link. This way right-clicks and selecting "open in a new window/tab" does not work anymore. I'm sorry, but at this stage we did not have any other choice.

However, we have ensured that middle clicks and ctrl/cmd clicks on links would still open links in new windows.

In 12.4 we have unified interaction across all DMI components - you will first get a "tooltip" with auxiliary information and links. Those links again support middle and ctrl/cmd-clicks to open in the new window. If this doesn't work - please enter a support ticket.

Finally, in 12.4.5 coming soon, we have improved how cells are rendered in the DMI table, so that it is easier to identify which cells will bring a tooltip with links (text is in blue - like today) or that a tooltip will only show auxiliary information (black text will be underlined with dotted line). In next releases (12.5 most likely) we also improve how "apply selected data" interaction (so called "publish actions") at DMI table will work.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The other benefit of the new design is it's more useable on tables/phones.

Actually that's the primary reason why we did it 🙂