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Can't see traffic on Web and App tiers


Customer has given us the Load Balancer, Web, App and Database server IP addresses and ports.


However, we can only see the application traffic on the Load Balancer and Database (Oracle) tiers.

We can't see the IP addresses on the Web or App tiers.

Could the load balancer have changed the IP address?

It's a Cisco CSS load balancer configured in bridge mode.

Network ports for the Web and App and Load Balancer and DB tiers have been spanned.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

First thing that sure you have check but just in case:

- Have this webservers/appServer more than one IP? maybe the have a severals IP, but only one has been copied.

There are a lot of things to check.

- On the AMD do you see traffic on the interfaces you have connected to see this traffic?

- If you do if you do a TCPDUMP do you have the traffic?

If one of this two reponeses is no: - Check the span, -Check that both ports swithc and AMD are in auto-negotiation - Check the middle elements from the swtich and AMD

I which version are you running on?