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Can we schedule a DCRUM report to be delivered to a share point path/location? Instead of being delivered to an email ID.



Good tip - these Forums contain a lot of information - Before you post a question next time - begin with a search 🙂


The link you posted just mention a way of access a DMI without authentication. What he asked was if there's a way to send a report to a shared directory in the network instead to an email ID.


Sorry if that came through wrong. I read litteraly SHAREPOINT. AFAIK the best way is to pull data through a DMI tto the location.

If you have wget you could do the following:

wget --no-check-certificate "" -O Applications.pdf
  • LSSaveAs?format=pdf will request for PDF
  • lsEntryName= is the name of your report
  • formatDiscover=direct will let DC RUM assume locale formatting from Windows OS it is installed on (instead of checking them from your browser)
  • uid= is your UID generated with UID GENERATE command in the Administration console -> Commands console (I would suggest to create a user with VERY limited rights to generate this UID)
  • -O tells wget the name of the file you want your report to be saved
  • --no-check-certificate basically tells wget to assume your SSL cert in the HTTPS communication is valid.

I hope it helps.

Btw. this command is not just some dummy example, it will actually work 🙂


Another idea: did you try to configure a task? Like described here:

We often use this for exporting data to a shared folder on a regular basis.

As far as I know sharepoint you can access the folders from the windows explorer as well (if it is configured).

The only disadvantage in this approach is, that the configuration files are only readed while service startup. Therefore if you want to change anything in the task you'll need a service restart.

Good idea @Friederike T.