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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Can you enable dynamic charts in MHT exports?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Customer would like to export reports on a schedule and publish the results to users in an effort to reduce reporting load on the CAS (there are numerous dashboards/NOC style screens around) as well as upwards of 100 users accessing often the same set of reports.

If the MHT export provided dynamic charts (instead of the static ones without tooltips and without legends) they could be used as a suitable dashboard replacement meaning a great reduction in the reporting load on the CAS.

As is the MHT export doesn't closely enough match the CAS interface for usability.



Hey Chris,

Just spitballing, but if you want to provide reports on a schedule, that implies they're somewhat historical data - would Pre-loading report data (to my knowledge, this is only data from yesterday, back (12am)) help the CAS in processing reports when users try to access? Then, if the data is from yesterday or further back, the CAS should already be ready to show the DMI without extra calculations at request time.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

It's more about helping the CAS deal with the load at this particular client, we're talking live reports at 1 minute intervals usually over the past hour, or Today. Not exactly a 'normal' environment.

The CAS sees in the order of 1000 reports being run per hour, from upwards of 100 users (some of which are NOC style dashboard displays with half a dozen or so reports on rotation).

Looking for a way to run many of those reports once per interval and provide the results to many users (the NOC screens) while keeping the interactivity of the display - they all have keyboards/mice and are used directly by users for a quick triage if something abnormal shows up, it's a bit of a weird use case - typically you'd see the NOC screens being out of reach from users so wouldn't require any interactivity and the standard MHT export would work great.

Chris, I'm afraid I have bad news:

First of all MHT was never meant to deliver interactive reports. It was a way to render static reports that would WYSIWYG currently rendered report as close as possible. At that time PDF reports were not addressing this use case well enough.

Second, MHT is going to be removed from the product in 12.4.10 since we have changed the way PDFs are generated; PDF exports will look much better and more closely to how actual liver report rendered by DMI looks like.

The good news is that we are going to support non-processing front-end reporting server use case, so that you can have multiple front-end reporting servers hopefully addressing your use case.

I suspected that would be the case, Thanks Sebastian.