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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Cant’ see a particular operation in the DMI



I’m quite new to DCRUM (using 12.2.1) and I need a little help to figure something out.

I would like to get statistics on a particular webservice but I find any trace of it in the DMI.



The software service was already created (IP + port), analyzer "SOAP over HTML"

The “validate the SOAP/XML document before parsing” option on the AMD is disabled, just in case

I’ve created a transaction step with a rule : concerned software service – operation mask – “*FO.web*” (part of the webservice's name)

What I’ve checked:

When I go to the RUM console – Add Software service - Traffic by lookup – URL : I can find the desired operation, with a pencil which brings to the existing software service.

I don’t know what can be a good SOAP operation, but I made a capture with “tcpdump”  : I can see conversations with the right server:port, and SOAPaction in the http code : I assume that the SOAP over HTTP analyzer is the good choice.

The problems:

When I make the step, The matching data preview window for the current day keeps empty.

When I define a report with only “Operation” as dimension, filtered on a part of the desired operation “*FO.web*”,  or a report based on my transaction step : I can’t this operation.



What should I do to see this operation in the DMI ?

Thanks by advance for your help.





Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


If I correctly understand the problem "FO.web" is a part of the HTTP URL that carries SOAP content.

This URL is parsed by the AMD and the part after last slash becomes a value of "Service" dimension in DMI.

But Operation is extracted from SOAP content and does not rely on HTTP URLs.

Take a look at "Service" dimension in DMI that should contain this "FO.web".

P.S. If you;re not interested in SOAP content only HTTP layer you can use HTTP analyzer instead of SOAP over HTTP.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

In my DMI, the service dimension returns only "All other"

As you said, the URL is parsed, that explains why I couldn't find FO.web.

I finally could find this operation with the last part as filter.

I tried to find the FO.web part because most of the operation names are the URL beginning after the server name.

A Regex has been set on some rules of this software service, but not everywhere, and of course not on the server which hosts this webservice.

I applied an adapted regex for this server and it works now as expected.