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Capturing trace file from AMD via CAS. (x.x.x.x/capture)


I have recently attempted to capture a trace via Firefox on the 12.3 CAS using the following syntax:

x.x.x.x/capture (where x.x.x.x is the CAS IP address)

I seem to get a 404 error

When I attempt the same on 12.2 CAS it works fine.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Warren,

I believe that feature is not available in 12.3. ( @Adam P., please correct if this information is inaccurate)

You can download the capture directly by logging into the AMD and by going to /var/spool/adlex/spc

In 12.4.11 (which should be available in a couple of days), you can download the capture directly from the RUM Console.



Harshal, you are correct, the old way was insecure (why it was removed). Packet capture functionality is now available via the Smart Packet Capture feature (check the Tools menu on the CAS) - and is secured via user roles (CSS has a new role to assign for users you wish to allow capture access).


to Chris V's point, it depends on what you're capturing a trace file for. If you're capturing in order to troubleshoot an issue in your traffic then the best approach is to use the smart packet capture, as well as providing the potential to take a multi point capture it also allows you to capture with context, eg it builds a capture profile based on the conversation(s) of interest, (see

If you're looking to verify the quality of your traffic coming into the AMD then from 12.4 Packet capture can also be done directly from the diagnostics page on teh CAS


Does this apply to 12.3? Is there a way to capture a trace file for troubleshooting using 12.3?

Thanks @Mike H @Chris V @Harshal P.