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Change AMD IP


Hi Team,

please let me know how can i change the IP of AMD on which AMD server is running.

We have Prod & management IP on AMD in addition to Dedicated NICs for Capture.

Using RTMINST , we have configured Management IP as Communication Interface with CAS.

But while adding AMD as a device in CAS , AMD is reachable only no production IP but unable to connect on management IP ( probably because AMD service is running on prod IP).

please let me know how can i change the IP on which AMD service is running.


Himanshu Mor


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Himanshu M.

If I am not wrong you will have to connect to the communication port of the AMD while adding into the CAS and the management you referring is iLO.

Change the communication IP address:

  • 1 - Interface identification and network setup
  • 'M #' to setup port mode and then follow the steps



Hi @Babar Q. , yes i have already configured the Mgmt Port as Communication port in RTMINST using option 1-.

But when i try to add AMD as a device in CAS , i am able to make conneciton only via prod IP but not the mgmt IP that i did set as communciation port.


HImanshu Mor

Hello @Himanshu M.

What is meaning of Prod IP?

There are only two mode e.g. S for the capture and C for the communication.



Hello @Himanshu M.

In case AMD and Console/CAS are in the different network zones then make sure the ports are open.



Hello @Babar Q. , apologies for not responding to this thread as i was OOO.

Yes AMD / CAS /ADS /RUM console are in same network zone.

Production IP & Management IP concepts are entirely our environment specific and not related to AMD .

We use Prod IP for all the production traffic in our environment while Management IP is used for communication of all Monitoring/backup/management activities.

So while configuring rtminst :

1) We have dedicated Physical NIC cards that we are using in Capture mode.

2) in addition to above NIC for capture , we have 3 additional NICs with IP assigned to those 3 : Prod , Mgmt & Backup IPs.

we are supposed to use Mgmt IP for all communications between CAS <--> AMD.

Our concern :

when we add AMD as a device in CAS , it only connects via Prod IP while we were not able to connect via Mgmt IP(which we want ).

Possible reason we could think of is that ""our rtmgate is using prod IP to run and so port 443 is published on Prod ip which allows incoming connections on 443.

As rtmgate is not running on Mgmt IP , so mgmt ip is not accepting any connections on port 443 from CAS ""

So i want to know if there is a way i can check which IP is used by rtmgate service and can i change it in some configuration file?

Hello @Himanshu M.

The rtmgate is an interface through which the AMD communicates with other Dynatrace components, for example RUM Console, CAS or AppMon server. When adding an AMD to RUM Console, you need to provide the rtmgate user credentials. The default user/password pair is adlex/vantage, or compuware/vantage .

Use the Network Manager Command Line (nmcli) and NetworkManager Text User Interface (nmtui) tools to set up the network interface destined to operate as a communication interface for this AMD.

Configure ONLY the communication interface. Any other interfaces found by the system will be considered sniffing interfaces and should be administered by the monitoring software. No system configuration is necessary for these interfaces.

Have a look on the below link for more insight:



Thanks @Babar Q. ! this helps !