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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Change AMD zdata storage directory


Hi guys,

The default path is /var/spool/adlex/rtm on AMD.

For precise authority control, is it possible to change AMD zdata storage directory or assign to some other remote machine?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Carlos,

You can use the symbolic link for this purpose which had used in the past due to insufficient disk space.

  • Jus make a new folder e.g. mkdir new_destination_folder on the desired locatoin THEN stop the applicaiton AND
  • mv rtm/* new_destination_folder THEN
  • rm rtm THEN use the following command to make a symbolic link
  • ln -s rtm /fullpath/new_destination_folder



Symbolic links for this purpose are not supported, and have been known to be broken by the installer package in some circumstances.

I highly recommend using bind mounts if keeping everything in a single filesystem is not possible.

Additionally, connecting to a remote machine may introduce datafile creation delays if the network is unable to keep up with the data volume your AMD is producing.

-- Erik

Hi Carlos,

you can even consider mounting and using a different file system mounted at /var/spool/adlex. It all depends on your specific situation. And I agree with Eric, symbolic linking isn't the best choice in this case.


There is a LOCAL PROBE LIST could be modify in Administration console, is this the place that I can change zdata storage directory?