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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Change Enterprise Agent Manager screenshot folder path

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


My client is running out of space in the disk where the agent manager is storing all the screenshots, so they asked me about changing the path where the screenshots are stored to another partition.

Is this possible? and how it could be done?

Can the screenshots just be removed or have some references with DB that can generate a conflic if are manually removed?

Can the DB be moved to another partition?




Hi Rodrigo,

I'm not sure regarding the path change to store the screenshots. I have never tried that before, but maybe a shortcut directing to other location can work, since you keep it with the same name from the folder.

About the screenshots being removed, you will have no problems with DB conflicts. The only thing that can happen is that, if you delete a too recent screenshot, the CAS will not be able to find the specific screenshot, but it won't make it crash.

One question for you, have you adjusted the time that you keep the files on your Agent Manager or you let the default configuration? It is advised to adjust this time according your environment (space in disk, number of transactions that you have that can generate traces and/or screenshots, etc).

It can be done in you ESM Console -> Agent Managers -> Select the AM and Open -> Files tab:

Doing this configuration, Agent Manager will take care and remove the oldest files for you according your needs.

Note: Those are not the default values. I changed it according the number of requests from the customer.



Hello Avner,

Thank you for your answer.
The problem, in that configuration my client wants to keep screenshots for 30 days (with no size limitations) and having screenshots of all the failed test. In the last month they had several issues, so the disk now is almost full (20Gb DB + 20Gb screenshots + other programs).


Hi. Certainly, the Screenshot file management is the recommended solution. If the client wants to keep the old screenshots for 30 days even when they have a heavy influx of failed transactions, they could always move some of the older or larger ones to a different folder. If they do this, they can get to these older ones manually, but not from the CAS links. Would this be acceptable? How long do they retain the transaction metrics in the CAS?



Question 1) you can specify the location of the program data
at install time, but not screenshots.

Question 2) There should not be any “conflict” to worry about if the screenshots are manually deleted.

Question 3) Open a support ticket for this we have a document for moving the database.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Thank you for your answers, finally support could solve my problem. So to move the screenshots folder to another drive follow this steps:

Step 1:

Set to Disable the following services on AgentManager:
Compuware Synthetic Monitoring Agent Manager Web Service
Compuware Synthetic Monitoring Agent Web Service

Step 2:
Restart Agent Manager Machine

Step 3:
Copy Data Folder (Default: "C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\") to it's new location:
We are copying now, and deleting this folder later in the process.
Please Note: This may take some time depending on the current size of the data folder.

Step 4:
Update the following areas of the CV agent manager registry. This is for a 64-Bit OS so WOW6432Node Hive
HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Compuware\ClientVantage\CurrentVersion\Services\SQL Server

Step 5:
Update the Enterprise Synthetic database. Below is a command you can use to perform this action.
UPDATE dbo.CVAgentManagerConfig
SET ConfigValue='<drive>:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\'
WHERE ConfigName='WorkGroupPath';

Step 6:
Set to Automatic the following services on AgentManager:
Compuware Synthetic Monitoring Agent Manager Web Service
Compuware Synthetic Monitoring Agent Web Service

Step 7:
Restart Agent Manager Machine

Step 8:
In Synthetic Monitoring Console: Publish change to Agent Manager
Open Agent Manager (#5)
Make a change to the description of Agent Manager
Publish Configuration (#10)

Step 9:
Remove OLD Data Folder
Delete directory (Default: "C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\")