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Change all report filters in one go

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I have several charts and tables in one dashboard. They all have one common dimension filter.

Is there a way of editing this filter in one of the sections, and have the rest of them pick it up? So either a change filter once and apply everywhere, or have all other sections listen for a particular filter change (similar to publishing actions).






In your report select the 'display form' option and it will display the dimensions. If you filter from the form it will apply that to all sections within that report.

Let me know if you have any questions and I can post some screenshots if you need.

Cheers for that Matt - does what I want.

Is there any possibility of displaying the form on the actual report?

Or is there a way of the user updating the filter/form from within the report rather than having to go back?

Hi Radu,

if you save the report with the form displayed it will be prompted every time you access the report.

Hope that helps.

Ciao, Raff

Hi Raff,

Yes, but once a selection has been made you always have to go back to get the form displayed again in case you want to change the selection.

I was wondering if there is an alternative that allows you to change the value without going back.

Hi Radu,

You can add a section or report tab to link back to the same report. This way you can click on the tab and it will reload the report and take you back to the original form.

Good one, Cosmin! 🙂

Nice one. That's exactly what I need!

12.4.10 comes with "Filtering bar" plugin. If you put it in your report you will be able to select one or more values for selected dimension in your report. It's different than form, but might be even more useful depending on your use case.

Thanks, Sebastian! That's even better!


Hey Radu,

Matt, Cosmin, and Sebastian have all provided viable answers. What I do in this situation is add a table section somewhere on the DMI and show only one Dimension type, which you'd want to filter on, (Client Site, IP Address, Software Service, Application, etc) and no Metric. Then, I use publishing actions to have it push my mouse-clicked selection as a filter to the other sections.

In my screenshot, the graph on the right uses Application as a filter and the graph updates for any application I select in the table.

This is a good answer as well. And the user has all options listed and it's all in the same view.

I like it.

Actually, this is what the filtering bar does, with improved UI/UX and multiselection 🙂

Cool, I'm excited to see it 🙂

Sebastian, unfortunately I'm stuck on 12.3, so I don't have a filtering bar.

Too bad. Than I would do as Brett suggested.When you upgrade to 12.4.10+ you will just change section type and that's it, because everything else will be ready. One thing to remember though: filtering bar does not allow to define drilldown links as any click on dimension name invokes "apply filter" action immediatelly.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

For all those interested, I have attached a MS Word doc illustrating how the Filtering bar is used. I would like to know how others are using it as well.