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Change text format in table



Is there a way to change format of table in reports? Like changing text size, font, color, background, alignment (left, right, center)... We have some reports that the header may be long (something like "Total Transaction Time - Transaction 1"), but the value is short (like 10s), and as the header is bold, it is very eye catching, while the value is not.





there are a couple of things you can do at Result display tab:

  • You can define table column alias - each new line help you to "aggregate" columns into hierarchy, and starting with NAM 2018 you can also use | (pipe) to split the text into multiple lines without creating hierarchy. The screenshot below comes from Network explorer in NAM 2018:
  • You can change the background to one of status colors: red, orange, yellow, or green, with definition provided at "Color rendering"

I'm afraid we don't provide means to control text size, font or color. If that is something that you want to change globally I would suggest to install a plugin in a web browser that can inject custom CSS. Please note that our CSS definitions change to evolve between releases so you might be force to update them after upgrade.