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Change user access for multiple users at the same time (bulk change)



I just added four users, which are part of the everyone group in DCRUM.
None of their user groups have access to all the reports, but for some reason they got it on the user level.

So I hope I can bulk change access to reports, so to remove from the ones they dont need.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I supposed the first thing to address is how they recieved the rights. Roles can also influence the reports that show up on the DMI dashboards in the CAS. Administrators, Report Administrators and Report Power Users are automatically assigned all reports. - Did the four users you mention get added to one of those CSS Roles?

You can also mass-assign reports in the CAS. In user security from the settings menu (exact menu path varies based on DCRUM version) - you can put a check in front of the users to modify, click the assign reports button and configure what reports they will see on their DMI dashboard. Whatever you select in that list will be exactly what all of them will have. Reports missing from the list will be removed from all users, and - of coarse, reports in the list will be added.


Thank you. That mass asigning part was very helpful. Do you know if that is covered in the documentation? (For this particular instance 12.4.1)

It is in the 12.4 docs - but it does not explicitly point it out. It's more of a "casual" reference in the first paragraph: