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Changing daily maintenance tasks offsetTime

I have situation where 2 CAS and one ADS server are using the same SQL server and I would need to change the offset time that the tasks would run in different times during the night. We are going to fix the main cause (Same SQL server using the same disk) during this year, but before we can get the new environment.

Is there something that I need to consider if I change the offset time of the following tasks?


Daily report generation

Defragmentation indexes on changed tables



Hi Janne

we did this in some customer project because the default time for some of this tasks was within a timerange when critical data comes into the monitoring.

There are some dependencies between some tasks as far as I know. We changed the offset temporarily with the help of the support guys who confirmed our proposal.

Thanks for your reply and I will make my own proposal for support.

We are currently planning the new environment with our customer but I just need to deal with this issue until we get new servers up and running.