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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Changing the report server base URL


Hi everyone,

At the customer site we have 2 x CAS and 1 x ADS, with the CAS servers given a specific domain on the DNS to use for internal access instead of having to use the IP address or the hostname. But part of the drilldowns, such as drilling down from the alerts uses the "urlHostBase", returning the report server URL which is the hostname.

Is it possible and where can one modify the base URL used for the reporting servers to match the custom address configured outside of DCRUM?

Kind regards



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Adam Tryba provided me the solution for this question.

  • Open the following file <CAS install dir>\config\
  • Enable the CAE_AlarmParser.useServerIPInsteadName= true
  • Enable the CAE_AlarmParser.serverIP=<enter fully qualified domain name>
  • Save the file
  • Restart CAS service

Kind regards,


Hi @Mark G.

I have tried this solution and it worked for me in DCRUM 2017 and recently we upgraded to NAM 2018 but it's not working with NAM 2018.

Is there any additional configuration changes we have to do?



Hi Shubham,

With NAM 2018 and the introduction of Single Sign On, there's now the concept of a NAM Server Public URL, which is the domain that users will be sent to after logging in via the NAM Console. I would guess that you want this to be your specific DNS domain address. I believe that the alert URLs are now derived from this public URL as well.

If you didn't set this URL correctly when you upgraded to NAM 2018, you can change the NAM Server public URL after installation. You can follow the instructions on The wizard will trigger a restart of the NAM Server, so the usual warnings about making this change on production systems while the system is in use.

A side note, the reason why the old settings won't work is that the alerting engine was significantly redesigned in NAM 2018.