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Chrome rendering issue NAM server (201x)

Hello all. We face some very noticeable rendering issues with NAM 2017 screens. Is this known behavior? Or is something interfering, or general slowness of the browser?

When first time opening, issues are most visible.

Another thing noticed is that the login screen does not show the user/pass part at first opening, until refres.

Displayed dashboard:

editing reports:


A customer of mine reported the same recently after the upgrade to NAM 2018 SP3. Seems to be only with Chrome.

HI Siegfried, that does not sound promising. We're planning to move forward to 18SP3 soon.
It does seem to be more a Chrome issue though. Read my next post. But perhaps NAM web engine needs tweaking.

After a quick Google I learned that rendering is a more common issue with Chrome, on different applications and content issues.

The best work around that I came a cross is switching off 'Use hardware acceleration when available' under Advanced Settings, System Section.


But I think the downside of that is that it will make the pages somewhat slower. It seems to work better and fast enough for me though.

I though that switching off 'Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly' under "Privacy and security" might help. But then I still noticed some rendering issues now and then.

I'm running Chrome 73. I have hardware acceleration on. The NAM Server loads without problems. I don't think this is Chrome issue as such. Out of the 290+ users who currently use 18.0.3 version, 56% is on Chrome.

Looking at the screenshots attached - it seems like some resources (JavaScript and CSS files) did not load properly or/and the page did not finish loading, e.g., charts did not auto-adjust.

Now, there are couple of things worth checking (sorry for stating obvious):

  • check if resources load correctly
  • check if there is anything reported in the JS console

Potential problem solutions:

  • clear browser cache
  • disable any plugins or run in privacy mode
  • disable instrumentation (UEM?)

Let's have a Zoom call to figure that out. Please open a support ticket.

I will open a support case

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Is your 2017 instance using SSL certificates, and are the certificates self-signed or are they fully signed by a certificate authority. Something I've seen when running NAM 2018 is that when connecting to an instance that only has a self-signed certificate (i.e. Chrome doesn't fully trust it), resources don't load correctly, and I get weird rendering effects similar to you (sometimes CSS doesn't load, sometimes some JS resources don't load breaking functionality). This could have also been the case with 2017, but I don't know as we only switched from HTTP to HTTPS with NAM 2018.

But when the certificate's signed by a proper certificate authority (i.e. Chrome is happy with the secure connection), everything works fine, and I have no issues with resources.

Good point. They indeed use self-signed certificates, they have internal CA structure however, so regularly that should be not an issue. But because the NAM17 is still in acceptance, it's not reachable on the official URL, but they connect through the hostname. Which gives the invalid certificate issue.

I will let them test against the NAM18 which is loaded on another Acceptance server.