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Citrix Monitoring with Storefront , Zone Data Collector , Xenapp & backend Application Servers


citrix.pngHi Team,

IN my Customer environment , we need to capture Citrix traffic analysis in DCRUM.

I am attaching a simple flow diagram of all the components present.

I can see that we can Install TCAM agent only on Xenapp servers.

But to capture the traffic on other components like

1) Requests incoming to Storefront

2) requests incoming to Zone Data collector

is there a possibility to install TCAM on these machines as well or do we need to SPAN the traffic in front of each component

Note: The IP being forwarded beyond Netscalar are only SIP(Subnet IP) and not exact client IP


Himanshu Mor


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

DCRUM uses network packets analyzed by decodes to report performance. TCAM agents are primarily used to piece together end user ICA sessions with the application calls behind the Citrix Servers. TCAM agents can also allow DCRUM to report usernames and some host health metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk utilization along with session counts). TCAM agents do not perform any performance analysis.

Piecing together the full user experience would include:

  1. Spanning the user -> Netscalar traffic and analyzing the network quality of the ICA session (loss rates, rtt, traffic volume)
  2. Spanning the Netscalar -> storefront traffic and analyzing the web calls to the storefront servers (web requests to the storefront servers web pages)
  3. Spanning the Netscalar -> Citrix Servers, providing individual Citrix volume and use. (this traffic is somewhat optional).
  4. Spanning the Citrix server -> Application traffic. This allows determining if the application itself is the cause of the slowdown.

Thanks @John L. for your quick help here!