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Citrix as Front End Tier

I was wondering if it is okay to create a tier for the citirx servers and set it as a front end tier in order to allow applications that do not have a front end LB to appear on the AHS? Would this essentially use the application performance metric and would that be an accurate representation of the citrix tiers performance? The reason I ask is I seem to recall differences in the way the application performance of a citrix tier is represented in the normal software service view. Any info/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Generally speaking the Citrix servers are not a front-end tier - they are a network tier, or a delivery mechanism. If an application does not have a load balancer as a front-end then you can create some other tier and make it a front end, say "Web Servers with No LB".

I generally add the published application from the Citrix software service to the Business Units for the application.

This will allow the application to show up in the AHS - (as there is a software service in a FE tier). The Citrix information will be represented in the Network Icon.

So for the situation where we have a thick client running on a citrix server and only a nas as a backend tier, would I make the NAS a front end tier?

You could - strictly speaking it would still make sense. If the ICA connection is slow it should show under the Network Icon in AHS. If Citrix server is slow then Citrix reports would show that (e.g. High CPU, Memory, Disk utilization). If the NAS was the cause then the SS in the tier should show as slow.