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Classic AMD mix of 10Gb and 1Gb NICs on Redhat 7.2


Hi All,

I've been working with @Matthew E. and @Hao-lin L. with DCRUM installed at a customer's premises. We are using the Classic AMD, and as the NICs are quad port 1Gb Broadcom based we have to use native drivers.

We now want to introduce a 10Gb NIC into the AMD. My plan is to remove the two Broadcom NICs and replace with an Intel x520 DA based 10Gb NIC and an i350 based 1Gb NIC, both of which are on the supported list. For the x520 NIC, there are custom drivers available for both Redhat 6 & 7 (ixgbe) but for the i350 custom drivers are only listed as available for Redhat 6 (igb).

My question is if we were to purchase the above NICs, which of the below scenarios would be true?

a) Neither NIC can use custom drivers and both must use native

b) The 10Gb NIC will use custom drivers & the 1Gb NIC will use native

c) Although not listed, both NICs will use custom drivers






Different NIC types cannot be mixed if custom driver is to be used (even if all of them support custom driver individually). On RHEL7 only ixgbe based cards support custom driver.



Hello Barry,

like Wojtek mentioned: You will stay on native driver for both NICs as long as they are not the same. So it doesn't make any difference if the NIC is on the list of NICs with custom driver support or not.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Not clear from your opening post, but are you going to use the I350 NIC for capturing traffic, or only management communications?

If for management only, and only the 520 card is used for capturing, then the custom drivers will work fine for the 10GE ports.

The type of management NIC doesn't matter when it comes to custom driver usage.