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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Client wants to make sure that we access CAS, ADS etc from browser via a HTTPS connection only. However they want the SSL to use SAN certificates only. Can we use SAN certificates with CAS, ADS etc ? If so, what are the configuration changes needed ?


Presently we type in http://servername/.... to access CAS, ADS etc. Now they want to make sure it is accessed with HTTPS only. However, they do not want CAS, ADS to use it's own specific certificate signed by certificate authority. They want a centralized SAN certificate to serve multiple servers, including the CAS and ADS. Is this possible in DCRUM ? If so, what are the necessary config changes?



take a look at the documentation here:

it is described how to change your connection settings for the CAS.

I have no experience using SAN certificates for the CAS, maybe you have the chance to try it in a test installation.

Best regards,

Dynatrace Consultant and Center of Excellence Expert


You can absolutely use certificates with SAN (Subject Alternative Names) in them. I have one certificate per environment at Optum (Dev/Stage/Prod) each individual certificate has all the servers for each environment in the SAN.

If you need any help with certificate installation/settings on CAS/ADS/Console let me know. I actually have written a powershell script that does all the cert installation/configuration for us automatically.

Thanks a lot Travis. That will be super-duper helpful!

my email id is : tito.mitra at dynatrace dot com

Hello @Travis B.

Please also share the script with me, thanks.

bqayyum (at) 2p (dot) com (dot) sa



Sent it off to both of you just now.

Hello @Travis B.

Thank you very much.