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Cloud hosted exchange and Skype (Lync) monitoring using DCRUM


Hi all, we are moving our exchange and Skype (formally known as Lync) platforms to the cloud from current onprem and are wondering if it is possible to use DCRUM for monitoring this network traffic. If so, can the required components be virtualized or do they need to be standalone hardware? Last but not least, is their any value in monitoring these if hosted in the cloud? Thanks!



This functionality is esentual


Hi Steve,

it really depends on how your Skype for Business (S4B) will be deployed in the cloud, if you're simply virtualiziing the on-prem version and you will still manage (ie you need access to the keys to enable the decode) etc then DC RUM will still be able to see and report on the S4B audio traffic as before. The decode of the audio traffic depends on seeing the call set up and subsequent audio transfer and this will then determine the placement of your AMD and whether it will be necessary to move/virtualize the AMD to cope with it. Typically the optimal place to position the AMD is at the ingress/egress to a site , therefore enabling it to see the call set up and subsequent intra-site traffic, again it is dependent on how and the flow of your traffic. If you are moving to a hosted office365 type deployment then you will likely not have access to the private keys and will not then be able to run the decode specifically for the audio component. In this case some value can still be gained by leveraging NetFlow and NBAR/NBAR2, which will report on the traffic on an individual conversation/exchange basis, but showing only usage stats

Thank you Mike! Our solution will be hosted by office 365 which limits the value we would be able to obtain. I'll do some further investigation on my side before making a decision. Cheers,