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Community Webinar - What's Awesome in DC RUM 12.4 - January 27

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

We are really excited about the DC RUM 12.4 release and would like to encourage you to register for the upcoming webinar!

To give you an overview on the new and exciting features in DC RUM 12.4, we are hosting the What's Awesome in DC RUM 12.4 Webinar on Wednesday, January 27:

  • Wednesday, Jan 27th at 10AM New York / 3PM GMT / 4PM Central Europe: Register HERE!

the presentation and demo, we will have a Q&A session with webinar
participants so you can get your questions answered right away.

If you're unable to attend the webinar, you can watch a recording of this session on the APM University a couple of days afterwards.

Join our team and learn about the exciting new features!

Keep calm and build Community!

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Make sure you have registered, only 1 day left!