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Comparison between DCRUM and APPMON


Hi Dynatrace Community !

I currently have an application that is monitored by both DCRUM and APPMON. I wanted to compare two graphs, one presenting the number of unique users over 5 minutes and the other presenting the number of visits over 5 minutes. The two charts have two differents results. Is that normal ? Is that relevant to compare those two metrics ?




Hello Aubras,

On which platform you are performing this comparison?

We can expect a bit different results in between DCRUM and APPMON metrics due to different ways of data accumulation.



I didn't performed my comparison on one specific platform. I create a DMI report on DCRUM. I selected as dimensions time and application and as metric unique user. In parallel, I extrated from my Dynatrace APPMON client a graph showing the evolution of the number of visits over the Time. Obviously these two reports on DCRUM and APPMON were filtered on the same application and the same time range.


Hello Aubras

when you look at the number of visits in AppMon it might be that you only see the number of finished visits for that time interval. The number of visits that are still open and active aren't calculated in the default metric as far as I know. Metrics for visits are calculated when the visit is closed (timed out).

In DC RUM you see the number of users that performed requests in that time interval. So no time out or anything like this here. A user is counted when he is performing some requests.

You might notice that there are two absolut different types of calculation in these two tools (response time is calculated different as well). You may be able to compare the two tools when you are aware of all the differences in monitoring.

Best regards,

Thank you for your answer. It is very clear and precise

Hi Aubras,

This is very complex topic.

As Babar mentioned there are different types of aggregation that have an impact on how DCRUM is counting unique users (CAS configuration screen).

Are you comparing charts that based on UEM data only?