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Concern on DCRUM Business Hours option


Hi Team,

We have instrumented around 50+ applications in DCRUM and as part of that we have scheduled to generate DCRUM alerts only in Business hours that is from 07:00 AM EST to 12:00 AM EST on every day for all the applications and we have scheduled this option under each CAS->settings-->Business hours.So some of the application teams want alerts for 24/7. So my concern here is if we modify the setting to trigger alerts 24/7 at Business hours tab it would impact to all the applications which are instrumented. So do we have an option to trigger alerts 24/7 for some specific apps from DCRUM.

Note : I dont want to touch the standard configuration which we done under Cbusiness-hours.jpgAS--Settings--Business hours..PFA configuration which we have done from our end.



Hello Sravankumar,

Just for your information to keep in mind about the purpose of business hours, even if there is way to trigger the alerts:

  • Baselines only use business hours for their calculation.
  • Business hours can be used as blackouts for alert notifications.
  • Some performance metrics are not calculated during non-business hours.



Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

This might be helpful. On individual reports, you can choose the option of selecting business hours or not.