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Conditional Visibility based on Published filter

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hey Team, Is there any chance that we can use conditional visibility with 'published' filters? I have a Univ. Diagram that 'publishes' client site to some Charts. I want a report tab to be conditionally visible in that it will only show up if there is a published Client site. I try using the Conditional Visibility statement:

<Charts | Client site>!=''

but it never shows up. I believe this is because a published filter never actually shows up in the 'filter' field, it is in the 'blue exclamation mark' to the right of the filter field. If you are looking for an example, I have made a report on the Demo CAS: Dashboard Example, and the 'Boston' site always has data.

Thanks, Matt


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey Matt,

If you change the filter on
the charts section to show in the report header, and display the report -
it will show up. However when you reset the report and just select the
city, the tab does not show up. I think this is because once you run the
report, publishing does not re-run the whole report - it just updates
the sections. Therefore the report tab will not show up.

I was able to achieve what you were after, I think, by using drill-down links.
When you run it the first time, no city is selected/filtered so the
report tab (to reset the report) does not show up. If you select a city
in the map, it links back to the same report, passes the city (the
filter is shown in the report header), and the reset tab shows up.

Hope that helps.

DMI does not check conditional expressions on report tabs visibility once the report is rendered. Replacing publishing filter with drilldown link (in 2017 May there is special type called SELF link - which makes it easier to define such interactions) will enable DMI to reevaluate the expression when rendering the report again.