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Copy AMD Application Config vs Global Configs in Rum Console



I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a separate option to just copy an application config vs global configs. That feature used to be present in the RUM Console. Now all I can find (12.3.9) is just copy them both... Did the ability to separate what you copy from one AMD to another go away?




Hello Matt,

both configuration (global and software services) are in the same file called applications.xml

As far as this is a well structured xml file the only option I can think of is copying the application/software service section from this file of the first AMD to the applications.xml file from the second AMD.

you can import and export the configuration of each AMD in the RUM Console in the AMD configuration menu.

Best regards


Hi Matt

If you want to copy a single software service and not the global config then you can do the following.

Navigate to your software services tab in the RUM Console.

Click on the software service you want to move and then at the bottom select the "Deployment" tab

On this screen select "Change Assignment".

Here you can move the Software Service to any of your AMDs. Simply move all the ones you want it to be added to to the right hand side.

Hope this helps.




Thanks for the answers. Those are work arounds that I am familiar with, however my point was that there was functionality to do this from the device manager and copy configuration. You could choose one or the other right from that menu. Now it is apparently gone?

We have over 650 Software services and 40 AMD's so changing deployment method is not a good option for us.

It was much simpler using the aforementioned function that appears to have been removed in current DC RUM versions.