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Copy Alerts from one user to another user



We are running DC RUM 12.2 at one of our clients. 

I have defined a number of pre defined, and user defined alerts that are being sent to one of them. I wan't to replicate so that the same alerts gets sent to the other guys in their IT department. Is there a way of doing this automatically?

The only solution i can gather is to enable one, and one of the alerts for each user. This is time consuming.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I'm not sure if I get your question ... You want to be able to set the alert to be sent to more than 1 recipient? Or you want to add particular user as a recipient "in bulk" to given set of alerts?



Sorry if I was unclear, let me try to explain better:


So, I have just created som alerts, and modified some of the other pre-defined. 

These alerts I have added to person X at customer Z. Now that person X is happy with the alerts, and agrees that they are at a correct level, I want to add the same alerts to person Y and the other people at customer Z. But the way I have to do this, is that I have to see which alerts person X is subscribed to, and the correlate this into person Y. If I instead could do: "copy alert subscriptions from person X to person Y" that would be much quicker, especially, when this is a process that I will have to to 5-15 times.

Hope this made my needs clearer, and that there also is a possibility of doing this.

I am even open to editing XML files if that is the best solution.


Associations between alarms and user notifications are kept only in DB.

This would require SQL script. To be honest, no one tried it so far ... Are you desperate about it?