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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Core saturation & interface errors


Hi everybody,

we observe on our AMD that when the Core0 is saturated by softirq (more than 90%), we have an increase of interface errors percentage.

All other cores are low used.

Is there any way to have a better repartition of the CPU use and avoid this interface errors?

Thanks for any idea



Hi there

What version are you on and what driver does the AMD use?

How many cores does the AMD have?

The AMD version is

AMD use Linux drivers (we can't use compuware drivers)

The AMD has 2x Intel Xeon X5660, so 12 cores, 24 threads.

Not applicable


Since customer uses  eth8 as a sniffing interface, and a bonded channel; that isn't supported, and is why he is having problems.
Our suggestions, eliminate the bonded channel from the sniffing config; bonded channels are not supported as sniffing interfaces, then switch to the custom drivers. The other three sniffing interfaces are ixgbe interfaces, so should be able to use the custom drivers.

Customer adopted this solution: each interface softIRQ has been given to a different CPU.  With this load repartition, he doesn't have interface errors anymore.