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Creating sub-grouping under a single application

Hi all... need some assistance  .... I have a user request to create a DMI report for sites within Sharepoint infrastructure. I can create a report manually filtering with each site name from the UR, but this looks to be a very cumbersome and time consuming effort.  Is there a better way to accomplish this?  I am thinking conceptually the following:

    Application: Sharepoint

                       Sites:  AAA

                       Sites:  BBB



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Do I understand you right that you want to report only on Sites that are using this Application?

If so then It should be enough to do:

or am I missing something?

The report will list only SItes that are related to the traffic that concerns this Application ...

Hi Adam .. thanks for the feedback, but I think my wording was incorrect.  Sites ... I was referring to Sharepoint sites .... for example ... within the URL is the string identified site name:

/sites/pmo/   = PMO Site

/sites/underwriting/  = Underwriting Site

/sites/contactcenter/  = Contact Center Site

The main application name is "Sharepoint" ... I am trying to define the PMO as a sub-application or some easy form of grouping which would include all URLs "*/sites/pmo/*" that can be reported on.  we have 100s of sites and am trying not to have to do this manually.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

 OK, then I believe that Transactions as a groups of given URLs would help... 

Under Application in BUC create "PMO" Transaction and add */sites/pmo/* as its definition. 

awww yes ... great idea, let me try it.  Thanks very much.